Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo

Custom Tattoos, Professional  Body Piercings, PMU & Spa
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Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo 

is a 5-star, award winning, family-owned/operated tattoo parlor & art gallery with exceptional artists who specialize in all styles of tattooing. Skilled, multi-certified body piercers that use only the highest-grade titanium jewelry, along with our shop being the first in the country to receive a spa license!


Established in 2017 and now occupying John's Creek, GA. We strive to satisfy and protect the health of our clients by providing professional, friendly service and maintaining a safe, sterile environment.  If you’re looking for a rare Blue Moon experience, our family is ready to welcome you!

Now Hiring 

Tattoo Artists

Kerry Brown

Kerry drawing black and white fit for FB

Specializes in Neotraditional, Illustrative Realism and Japanese Style

Brianna Smith-Robinson


Specializes in Fine Line, Color/Black & Grey Illustrative & Anime

Part-Time Tattoo Artist

Haunt of Eagles

Specializes in Anime,
Black and Grey, 
& Illustrative tattoo styles

Jr Aguila

Evangeline Sellers


Specializes in black & grey, stipple-whip shading, clean bold & thin lines, script, ornamental tribal, botanical & bugs

Jasmin Catalan


Jasmine is leaving OBMT and moving to Texas!
Her last day here is 8/18

Ryan Shea


Specializes in Black & Grey, Anime/Gaming, Neotraditional & American Traditional 

Piercing Requirements for Minors:

-Must have physical birth certificate in hand
-Must have Parent present with updated identification.

We cannot perform a piercing without these things.


Professional Body Piercers

Mia Massey


Kyle Sanchez

Kyle piercing.JPEG

Walk-ins Welcome
but there could be a wait.