Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo

Custom Tattoos, Professional  Body Piercings, PMU & Spa

Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo 

is a 5-star, award winning, family-owned/operated tattoo parlor & art gallery with exceptional artists who specialize in custom & traditional styles of tattooing. A skilled body piercer who uses only the highest grade titanium jewelry, along with our shop being the first in the country to receive a spa license!


Established in 2017 and occupying Flowery Branch, GA, we strive to satisfy and protect the health of our clients by providing professional, friendly service and maintaining a safe, sterile environment.  If you’re looking for a rare Blue Moon experience, our family is ready to welcome you!

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Kerry Brown


Kerry drawing black and white fit for FB
Specializes in large scale work, freehand Japanese style & Neotraditional 

Daniel Nguyen




Specializes in Anime and Animation

Mark Cosgrove


Specializes in Traditional & Neo-traditional 
Specializes in Neo-traditional and fine line. She enjoys tattooing images of women, anime & video games

Brianna Smith-Robinson




Our shop tattoo minimum is $125

Black Water

Mia Massey-Body Piercer


Our Quality Mission:
We know its one thing to leave our studio with a pretty piercing, it is something else entirely to
take care of it, and have a healthy & successful healing journey. For this reason, we use only
the SAFEST and best quality materials that we can get our hands on!
To make getting pierced and healing your piercing easier we use:
-ASTM F-136 Titanium - Implant Grade
-14k & 18k Solid Gold
Why Titanium?
There are many reasons to choose Titanium over anything else such as, Surgical Steel (not the
same at all as F-138 Stainless Steel). Titanium is much lighter and stronger than other metals. It
is extremely biocompatible and comfortable to wear. It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for people
with metal allergies or sensitives. It’s not mixed with other metals (like Surgical Steel) and does
not contain Nickel which in turn, will help the piercing heal easier, quicker, and reduce a
“piercing” odor. It is also extremely versatile and can be Anodized into whatever color you’d like!
What does Implant Grade mean?
When we look at the code name, ASTM F-136 Titanium, you may be wondering what ASTM &
F-136 even mean. These letters and numbers are the evidence that the material you’re working
with is safe to be worn inside and on your body - Implant Grade. Titanium was primarily used for
joint replacement. Which created a need for a standard, a measurement of quality to be
observed and held accountable upon on any Titanium material used for the human body. With
the progression and evolution of body piercing/modification, it became a “no brainer” material,
that we as piercers, use to pierce and implant inside YOUR BODY. We will always strive to be of
the same standard as that of our medical and surgical professionals.

We do Not Pierce Minors Unless....

Minors MUST have a birth certificate AND a parent present with legal ID.

Illuminated Rock

Permanent Make-up & Spa

Heather Brown-PMU Artist & Esthetician

85981F87-1980-4784-A397-41A26BEB5AE8 - C

Heather is a Brow Specialist and can transform ANY brows!

She specializes in Microblading, Ombre brows,  Powder Brows, Freckles, Permanent Eyeliner & Lip Blushing.

Heather has been a permanent cosmetic tattoo artist for a little under five years.
Multi-Trained and certified & Properly licensed in Hall County.
Heather is also a Licensed Esthetician, offering Spa Facial Services including LED treatment, Chemical peels, Enzyme masks, Ultrasonic, High Frequency and
Micro-needling treatments.
Coming soon...Areola Restoration!






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