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John's Creek Location


Tattoo Artists

Kerry Brown

Kerry drawing black and white fit for FB

Specializes in Neotraditional, Illustrative Realism and Japanese Style

Evangeline Sellers


Specializes in black & grey, stipple-whip shading, clean bold & thin lines, script, ornamental tribal, botanical & bugs

Jasmin Catalan

jasmin .JPEG

Specializes in Fine Line and feminine style

Cat Coleman

cat photo.PNG

Enjoys dark art, sacred geometry and ornamental designs 

Ryan Shea

Ryan tattooing.jpg

Specializes in Black & Grey, Anime/Gaming, Neotraditional & American Traditional 

Sam Couttolenc


Specializes in New School, Traditional, Color Realism, Anime, Black and Grey

Body Piercer

Kyle Sanchez

Kyle piercing.JPEG

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Heather Brown

Specializes in Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brow, Lip Blushing, Eyeliner, Freckles, tattoo removal